• PayPal Acceptance Deals Continue with Discover Pact – http://paybefore.com/retail/paypal-acceptance-deals-continue-with-discover-pact/ – Discover and PayPal have reached a deal that will expand PayPal’s POS presence while making Discover a more visible payment option within the PayPal mobile wallet. Under terms of the pact, PayPal will gain access to Discover’s tokenization services, enabling U.S. PayPal customers to use their Discover cards within the PayPal wallet app to make contactless purchases at contactless-enabled merchants that accept Discover.

  • U.S. Supreme Court Hears Credit Card Surcharge Case – http://paybefore.com/retail/u-s-supreme-court-hears-credit-card-surcharge-case/ – New York law allows merchants to offer a discount for cash payments, but makes it a crime—punishable by up to one year in prison—to impose surcharges on credit card purchases. In defense of those laws, state officials have said that they protect consumers from being charged too much. Merchants want the right to impose these surcharges on credit card payments under the first amendment, contesting that banning surcharges is a violation of free speech.
  • [from 1/10/17] Korea lays down plans for a ‘coinless society’ – https://www.finextra.com/newsarticle/29962/korea-lays-down-plans-for-a-coinless-society – Korea’s Central Bank has outlined plans to pursue a ‘coinless society’ project by piloting a service that allows customers to receive small change from merchants as a top-up onto a pre-paid card. A survey conducted among 2500 consumers by the a Central bank policy group found that while 62% admitted to carrying coins, almost half of those polled said they did not use them even when they received them as change.

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